Canadian Rockies
A warming outlook at a peak filled vista, by summer the Canadian Rockies becomes an inviting paradise for wildlife and nature lovers. Many postcard scenes were made here.
A bleak wintery encounter with an island situated high up in the North Atlantic Ocean. Iceland in winter is dark and cold but still just as beautiful.
Air, Grip, and Flow – An Artists Collaboration
A collaboration between my, the photographer, and Carl Ringquist of MTB-Art, the illustrator. A trio of bike based works of art.
A photography project combining the appearances of fire with high speed mountain biking action
Summer Once Was // Duane Walker ~ Les Deux Alpes
Winter is a time to hunker down, peel out the waterproofs and base layers and get down and dirty in the mud trails, but its easy to find your self chin in palm starring at the sideways rain lashing against the window.
Stories ~ Two’s Company
A sense of adventure, a sense of finding and discovering somewhere new, somewhere different.
Madison Saracen - Building a World Cup DH Bike
Madison Saracen are getting set for a storming 2013 season, and this is the steed they will be doing it on!
Stories ~ Duane Walker
Two wheels in North Wales are at an all time boom and its bringing the industry along with it.
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